Serving California is a foundation committed to the possibility that we can build a community of empathy for those who are struggling and provide them with resources to transcend their situations. We support a network of exceptional partner organizations by providing funding and other management resources to assist them in creating and expanding high quality, solution-based, transformational programs. Please click on our Grants tab to learn more about the possibility of partnering with us.


Women in Recovery


We walk alongside those who experience hardships as a result of crime or addiction. With our partners, we work to give these people access to social services and support through technology and recovery homes.                       



Serving California places a special emphasis on prisoners who want to rebuild their lives. Serving California implemented an educational program in 25 state prisons involving, to date, over 1,700 California inmates.  



Our veterans partner programs aid those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress (PTS), through peer-based support retreats at the beautiful SkyRose Ranch, in Central California.