What Does PTSD Have To Do With Homelessness In California?

Did you know that an astonishing 40% of homeless men in California are veterans? This means that 40% of those who lack a place to sleep or live signed up to put their lives on the line for us. Keep reading to learn more about why so many of our nation's homeless are military veterans:

Criminal Justice Reform And The California Election

Our team and our work is vested in helping inmates transcend their situations, and pursuing criminal justice reform. On that note, we've gone ahead and done the work of breaking down, in a no nonsense way, the ballot items that relate - so YOU don't have to!

Can Faith Help Us Fight PTSD?

When you're at a crossroads, feeling confused and psychologically wounded, you must rebuild your life and identity. More often than not, though, this process of rebuilding requires help from something outside ourselves