Words of Reflection from a Warrior

March 8, 2016

Serving California Foundation,

I cannot commend your efforts with Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs enough. I spent thirty years in the United States Marine Corps, enlisting as a private and retiring as a Colonel in 2011. As a Christian who has led Marines in peacetime and combat for most of my adult life, I attended my first Fight Club believing that I would have something to offer the program. I soon found out how naive I was. I gained far more than I gave.

I was first impressed with the five-star accommodations and the staff of Sky Rose Ranch. In my experience, the caring professionals of the ranch and the staff of Mighty Oaks are second to none. Thanks to you, I had first-hand experience in seeing the power of caring professionals in transforming the lives of otherwise broken men, with little hope for the future .

It was amazing to see the transformation of lives in six days. There are still Vietnam veterans struggling with life's challenges forty years after that conflict. They have been through years of clinical therapy with little change in their lives. With over 800 men successfully completing a Fight Club and seeing the changes in so many lives, it's hard to comprehend how many Vietnam veterans could have been helped had there been a Mighty Oaks Warrior Program in the 1970's.

With the overwhelming need for the healing power Mighty Oaks brings and the limited resources that are available, I am impressed with the staff of Mighty Oaks. They realize the importance of maintaining the quality of instruction and have developed a first class training and evaluation program that will maintain the quality of the program. With the variety of veteran's programs out there today you can be proud of the lasting changes you are making in both veteran and active duty members lives every day through your support of Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs .

As a veteran and witness of the desperate need for effective programs outside of traditional government services, I would like to thank you for your sacrifice to our country. Be assured that your continued support will return warriors and leaders to their rightful place in our country, in a time where as a nation we are acutely suffering for principled leaders in our homes, schools, churches , businesses , and government.

Sincerely ,

Colonel USMC (Ret)