In Memory of Saint Patrick

This year, as we think about the holiday of St. Patrick’s Day, and what that means to believers, it is important to consider the person after whom this day is named. St. Patrick was born in Britain and kidnapped as a teenager; he was held captive as a slave in Ireland, only to escape 6 years later back to his homeland. It was during this captivity, he wrote, that he truly meditated on his faith – becoming so devout that he later decided to return to the place of his captivity in order to bring Christianity to the Irish. So, when we think about the day that is named in honor of him, we must consider what it really means to be foreigners in a distant land, to be incarcerated, in prison, and still speak the gospel to those around us.

Upon closer inspection, it really is evident that the mission of St. Patrick – to do God’s work everywhere, even in times when you feel like an outsider – is the mission of all believers. At Serving California, we strive to empower incarcerated believers and victims who want to overcome their circumstances, and seek to empower veterans – who know what it is to be charged with a difficult task in a foreign land, and bring their faith wherever they go.

So, this year, we truly wish you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and invite you to join us in the work we do with inmates, victims and veterans. If you’d like to know how you can get involved in this work, and join the efforts, look no further! Simply follow this link to sign up and become a fundraiser yourself:

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The most important thing is to do something. Like the widow in Luke 21, who gave out of her poverty, or St. Patrick himself, who used his experiences of captivity to reach his captors, we have the ability to enact change with the tools we already have.  Please join us as fundraisers – you never know the seed you may plant by simply sharing the message and spreading the word.