Week in Review: April 4th- 11th, 2016

Last week was full of sensational news and scandals surrounding the Panama Papers - whose leak catalyzed an international dialogue around the topic of wealth inequality, the wage gap, social services for those who fall below the poverty level and the intersection of poverty and criminality or addiction. Click the links to read the full spectrum of news from last week's media:

Statistics on Role of Abuse/Trauma in Addicts’ Lives are Undeniable

It’s National Crime Victims Rights Awareness Month, and in line with this topic is this recent article from The Fix, an addiction/recovery site that focuses on research, recovery and trauma. In this informative and compelling article, the author draws upon studies that note the relationship between trauma, sexual assault, abuse and substance abuse or addiction.


Release of ‘Panama Papers’ the Elite’s Hidden Money & Accounts

A cache of documents from a Panamanian law firm, dubbed the Panama Papers, were purportedly leaked to the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung by an anonymous source last year, and shared with several international media outlets. Those outlets' reports, published over the weekend, appear to show how the world’s political, sports and entertainment elite — and maybe drug traffickers — have hidden money in offshore accounts. 


Fentanyl Overdoses in California Spark Concerns of an Epidemic

In the past two weeks, California has had 42 reported cases of opioid drug overdose, with 10 of them resulting in death. With the increasing number of deaths related to fentanyl overdose, doctors believe they are dealing with something out of the ordinary that needs to be addressed immediately.


Demand for Sober Living Homes Balloons, in the Midst of Opioid Epidemic

The nation's epidemic of addiction to painkillers and heroin is fueling runaway demand for a once-obscure form of housing known as "sober homes," where recovering addicts live together in a supervised, substance-free setting to ease their transition back to independence.


Two Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide at Air Force Base in Texas

The attack at Lackland Air Force Base, a part of Joint Base San Antonio, appears to be a murder-suicide, Bexar County Sheriff's Office spokesman James Keith told MSNBC. The base said in a statement that there were no indications that it was related to terrorism.


New Law Gives AA Sponsors Same Protection as Doctors, Attorneys in Civil Court

The legislation aims to protect the privacy of those in recovery in the hopes that it will encourage others to seek treatment without fear of repercussion