Week in Review: April 18th

Last week was, unfortunately, rife with international news headlines on tragedy, natural disasters, and need. Two Earthquakes rocked our world, and victims are still struggling to recover and find their loved ones. A couple in Southern California brought human trafficking into our national conversation with the revelation that their servant is a slave, and a troubled military veteran engaged in violence toward himself and others at a Texas Air Force base. This and more, in our week in review:

Cities That Are Trying to Help Low-Level Drug Offenders Beat Addiction are Finding Money in a Previously Untapped Source: Obamacare

When pondering how to keep low-level drug offenders out of jail, officials in Albany, New York, faced a challenge: How could they pay for a case manager to coax addicts onto the straight and narrow? The money turned up in President Barack Obama's health care law, which expanded Medicaid in some states & has made repeat drug offenders eligible for coverage, including many who are homeless or mentally ill and have never been covered before.


Southern California Couple Charged with Trafficking, Enslaving Indonesian Servant

In what federal authorities described as a case of "modern day slavery," an Iraqi family with ties to Southern California has been accused of holding an Indonesian woman against her will and forcing her to work 20-hour days for little or no pay.


Gunman in Tx. Air Force Base Killing Had Gone AWOL, Taken Mental Health Exam

A former Green Beret and onetime FBI agent who committed suicide after attacking his commander at their Air Force base in San Antonio had received a military mental health evaluation after going AWOL last summer, his attorney confirmed Monday.


After Powerful Quakes, An Even Stronger Temblor Strikes Southern Japan

On Thursday evening local time, magnitude 6.2 and 6.0 quakes shook the city of Kumamoto and the surrounding area. They were followed by more than 100 smaller temblorsThe series of quakes shattered buildings and killed nine people. Hundreds of others were injured. Then at 1:24 a.m. on Saturday, a magnitude 7.0 quake hit nearly the same location, according to the USGS.


Hundreds Dead, Thousands Homeless After Quake In Ecuador

A magnitude 7.8 earthquake in Ecuador on Saturday has left more than 350 people dead and many more injured. Thousands are homeless, The Associated Press reports, and highways, air traffic control towers and buildings along the coast have collapsed.


Converting a 'Citadel of Evil': The Ministry That's Changing California's Prisons

Phil Dunn, with Serving California, spoke with CBN News's Mark Martin about why this program has been so successful.