Week in Review: May 16, 2016

This week's news has a lot of sobering news regarding statistical research on rates of addiction among the incarcerated, and how - sometimes - their involvement with the penal system prevents treatment for drug addiction. On that note, we're seen a movement to prioritize treatment over punishment, and the rise of groups like ourselves and our partners who are advocating for more awareness, more priority and more compassion when it comes to how we care for the hurting among us! Read More: 

L.A. County sheriff's deputies sentenced to federal prison in jail beating case

Two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies were sentenced Monday to more than a year each in federal prison for lying on reports they wrote about violently subduing a handcuffed jail inmate.


The Sad Silver Lining to the Opiod Epidemic: Organ Donation Skyrockets

In the previous five years, the share of organ donors who died of drug overdoses jumped by 50 percent. Organ donations overall in 2015 increased by 5% from the previous year. Now, one out of every 11 organ donors is a drug-overdose victim, according to government data.


When Time Behind Bars Cuts Addiction Treatment Short

The World Health Organization recommends that incarcerated people continue methadone treatment. But in the United States, the only people likely to receive methadone or other opioid- replacement drugs, such as buprenorphine, while incarcerated are pregnant women.


Dying from Overdose While Waiting for Treatment

Too often, the high cost of treatment and lack of comprehensive insurance coverage keeps victims of substance abuse from the treatment they need – sometimes with devastating consequences. Our programs are free of charge and do not require insurance or payments – just a desire to change and the physical ability to be abstinent.


No Man Rides Alone Makes its Way to Colorado, Raises Awareness and Funds

We’re so proud of the work our partners are doing to raise public consciousness about the war our veterans are facing at home, and the resources we have available to help them conquer their obstacles. Our partners are riding across the country to Virginia, raising money and spreading the word about the work they’re doing!