Week in Review: May 2nd, 2016

The past week or two have been rife with tragic headlines having to do with addiction, recovery, and relapse. The seemingly drug-related deaths of two public figures, the artist Prince and the wrestler Chyna, have brought conversations on addiction back into the center of national discourse. Additionally, certain institutional problems, such as a lack of support and medical health care for inmates in prison and the existence of sex abuse cases within certain political and social structures, are also making headlines. Our Founder, B. Wayne Hughes Jr., also commented on the plight of incarcerated veterans in a special Op-Ed in the San Diego Union Tribune, where he discussed his perspective on veterans, criminal justice, and the work we do. Continue reading:

Dennis Hastert admits sex abuse: 'What I did was wrong'

Shortly before learning his sentence in federal court Wednesday, Dennis Hastert admitted for the first time that he sexually abused boys decades ago when he was the wrestling coach for Yorkville High School.


Chyna died of accidental overdose of Ambien and Valium, her manager says

Chyna had been taking the legally prescribed pills over the course of three weeks, but wasn’t using them properly, he said. Her death was the result of an accidental overdose, Anzaldo insisted, not suicide.


Melissa Hartwig: From Addict to Whole30 Self-Help Queen

The Whole30 is a food experiment/program that has gained enormous popularity among millennials and health-seekers. In this fascinating article, the co-creator of the Whole30 discusses her past experience with heroin addiction, and how that experience informed the programs she created.


Helping veterans through the justice system

We see far too many California veterans put themselves in harm’s way, endure unspeakable trauma on the battlefield, and return home to their families and communities with serious mental and emotional disorders. Some veterans are able to readjust just fine, but, sadly, many face real difficulties in their daily lives. In this article, our founder, B. Wayne Hughes Jr., discusses his perspective on veterans, PTSD, and what we can do to help.


Feds Act To Help More Ex-Inmates Get Medicaid

To reduce recidivism and promote health, the Department of Health and Human Services is taking steps to make it easier for ex-prisoners to sign up for or restart Medicaid coverage.