A Season To Honor Them


Serving California had the great privilege of hosting an event last weekend to support and honor the women we serve – these women have made the choice to surrender their lives, for one year, in a redemption home we support, in order to fully dedicate themselves to changing their lifestyles, mindsets, and harmful behaviors. This means that all of their energy, for the course of a year, will instead go toward healing, sobriety, prayer, restoration and essentially trusting in God to meet them in this journey.

This kind of decision is tough, and gritty, for anyone to make – but especially for women, the majority of whom have children and families who depend on them.  And it’s our special joy, at Serving California, to come alongside them during this most difficult time in solidarity and support; to do what we can to help them along the way.

We’ve seen so many success stories come from this great sacrifice – women who have really leaned in, and pushed themselves to address the “why” behind their past actions, and really hit the “reset button” on their lives. Sometimes this means that they must abandon old relationships and neighborhoods, other times it means that they have to engage in a lot of really difficult reflection and analysis. All the time, though, it means that they must fully commit themselves to not going back.

In thinking about the incredible strength and resilience these women possess, and knowing that Memorial Day – a day to honor Veterans - is nearly upon us, I can’t help but see the similarities between the women we serve, and the veterans we honor. Both of these groups have made the choice to use their lives in service to those around them – the women of Victory Outreach or Teen Challenge do it for their kids, and the military servicemen and women do it for their country.

That’s why this season is so special to us. Starting this week with the beginning of a men's Fight Club for our Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs, up at Sky Rose Ranch, and spanning from Memorial Day to Independence Day, we want to really take the time to honor them, and pledge ourselves to giving them our best as a support system. So, we are going to be rallying together as a team, cheering on their progress and showing them we care and we want YOU to join us!

Stay tuned this week for more information on how we can team up together to honor them, and give our vets the respect they deserve.