Serving California helps dynamic organizations working to improve the lives of Californians. These partners are dedicated, like-minded, non-profits. We identify passionate and successful groups working tirelessly in the trenches and empower them to follow their calling and achieve success.



Our support for prisoners includes holistic rehabilitative and pre-release services, housing and curriculum for inmates and ex-offenders, addressing life-skills, physical, spiritual, and vocational needs.


Women in Recovery

Our commitment to women in recovery includes programs that walk alongside women, offering shelter, compassion, counseling, life skills, job training and encouragement as they recover from various forms of abuse and transition to healthy and productive lifestyles.



We provide an array of services and innovative programming to our wounded warriors, placing a special emphasis on PTS (Post Traumatic Stress) and combat trauma issues that lead to a suicide rate of 23 per day, as well as are contributing factors to violence, crime and homelessness.

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