80%-90% of California’s prisoners will be released back into our communities and over 45% of those will re-offend and go back in within 3 years. We are making a difference to better prepare these men and women for release and then walk with them when they get out to drastically reduce that recidivism rate. Serving California has invested over $5 million dollars over the last 5 years to expand the TUMI program throughout 30 California prisons. TUMI prepares men and women for a life beyond bars and equips them to be culture changers within the prison itself. Serving California has also invested millions of dollars to support halfway houses, sober living homes and reentry ministries across the State that welcome TUMI graduates with open arms upon release and help facilitate a successful transition. To date, TUMI graduates that have been released back into the community have a recidivism rate of just 6.2%.



I am using what I learned to serve my community. In fact, all prisoners at Correctional Training Facility (CTF), Facility "C" have put all differences aside, gotten together and initiated a Relay for Life, partnering up with the American Cancer Society. This is one way to give back to the communities we once harmed and destroyed.

Carlos Sanchez - TUMI Student


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Our support for prisoners includes holistic rehabilitative and pre-release services, housing and curriculum for inmates and ex-offenders, addressing life-skills, physical, spiritual, and vocational needs.


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